Mestre Carnival Street Show – the Artists

Crazy marching band, funny clown show and amazing circus arts show will animate Mestre Carnival Street Show to surprise, entertain and excite audience of all ages. Susi Danesin and Gaetano Ruocco Guadagno will present the shows on Piazza Ferretto stage and the parade for the competition of the Concorso della Mascherina più Bella. Touring shows or shows with fixed position in Piazza Ferretto and in the center of Mestre (Via Palazzo, Piazzetta Pellicani, Piazzetta Matter, Via Pescheria Vecchia, Via Manin, Galleria Barcella, Via Allegri, Piazzetta Battisti, Galleria Matteotti, Largo Divisione Julia, Via Poerio, Via Rosa.  

Andrea Farnetani: wonderful and exciting clown show. Info

Barabba Gulash: italian Music band specialized on italian 60's  tracks in Balkan-style: 24 mila baci, Nessuno mi può giudicare, S’è spento il sole, Volevo un gatto nero, La bambola...

Camillocromo: special street band that will animate and involve the public during the show along the roads. Info



OTELLO IL GIOCOLIERE: juggling show Compagnia Ompalonz 

 Compagnia Omphalonz: CLOWN CABARET , mute circus and clown show 

Carro Navalis Troupe: theatral troupe show-  Servi Senza Padroni - Il Sogno di Arlecchino – Il Cavadenti – Danze Settecento

Creme & Brulè: mute show of two romantic clown. Info

Drumrum Teatro presents:

-Cinelu: shadow theater and optical toys will narrate tale, doggerel about the archeology of cinema. 

-AROMARIA: original show of  doggerel, songs and tales


Felice Pantone Presents:

- LA MAGICA FERRAMENTA original music show , the music will by play with bolts, steel blades,tube,ropes,needles and  iron wires. 

- The Buskers


Gli Stellari :special band  specialized in Afro American music ( Jazz, funk, etc..) but also rock, drum&bass, dub, elecrtonic music.

I 4 Elementi: show of only one clown: juggling and public involvement.

I Musicanti di San Crispino: buskers group  specialized  in waltz, funk, raggae  and disco music dance. 

Il Libro con gli Stivali: GIUFA’ E ALTRE STORIE , funny  Storytelling show .

Kings of Swing :explosive band  specialized in swing  music. They will play the best and wellknown  international swing songs. 

La Compagnia del Drago Nero presents:

LA DANZA DEL FUOCO: Fire eater, fiery tools, juggling and martial arts show. 

IL FERRO E LA ROSA:  Theater rapresentation.

Large Street Band: funky and jazz music band.

Lucia Osellieri: a strange shack  on wheels with a big  windmill: the home of the gnomes! A toy/box  in which the children may snoop the gnomes daily life.


Lucia Schierano Presents:

LO SPECCHIO INCANTATO In a magic wood, the most famou fairy tale characters will fight together to save the princess.



Mar de Rosas – Traditional Flamenco company Pildoras Flamenca: flamenco company

Mastro Bolla : bubbles show. Info

Pantakin Eventi presents: Bolle e Ribolle Bubbles show: old and young will have the opportunity to create magic and great bubbles all together in Piazza Ferretto.

Parola Bianca presents: 

- Waders, dancers and actors will move in  the crowd creating braight paintings. 

- CRISTAL WINGS L dance show with lights and  coreographic performance.


Pepino e Fedele Juke and the Box : the smollest Marching Band in the world . Psycodrummers Percussionists group of 13 elements from Rovigo that  will play musical instruments self-built with waste materials recycled.

Silvia Martini: a street/theater show of acrobatic dance and Hula Hoop.

Silvia Zotto Presents:

- DANS LE CIEL: a contemporary circus show in a comic way. Acrobat show. 


Trabagai Theater presents:

-Stornelli Infernali: Theater, literature, popular culture, comic show on " Hell" of Dante Alighieri.

-Pinocchio: magic theater, The story of Pinocchio told, song,interpreted in a rotating theater.


Schabernack Theater presents:

DUO INFERNALE  : Metropolitan clown show. 

Teresa Fazio presents:

Fatine, Balene e Balocchi : stilts itinerant show.

Zigan Cafè  : zigancafé Buskers Band will play  typical folk music songs.

Vanessa Contessa presents:

- CIRCLES : juggling and hula hops show.

- ILLUSIONS fire show.  





“La Bautta”- the mask which most stood out – actually permitted eating with the mask on. (Gaetano Gherardo Zompini, 1700-1768)
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